What is a card or Visa dispute?

If something goes wrong with a purchase you’ve made, you may be entitled to a refund. A Visa dispute is where you ask us to try to get your money back from a seller when you've used a Visa debit or credit card. If we're unable to get your money back under a Visa dispute you may be able to make a Section 75 claim. You can only make a Section 75 claim if you paid with a credit card.

We recommend you contact the seller first to try to resolve the issue.

Before you raise a card dispute

  1. Speak to the seller

    In many cases, they can resolve the issue faster than us. Keep note of any contact you’ve made and what happened. This will help us to process your claim quickly.

  2. Check if the payment is pending

    You can view your pending transactions in our Banking app or Internet Bank. You can't dispute pending credit card payments. You may be able to dispute pending debit card payments.

  3. Check which card you paid with

    There are different ways to raise a card dispute with us depending on whether you used a Nationwide debit or credit card. If you used an alternative payment platform, like PayPal, you may need to raise your dispute through that platform instead.

When can you raise a card dispute?

You can raise a card dispute if:

  • you paid for something that’s been cancelled
  • you paid for something but haven’t received it
  • you received something that was faulty, incorrect or counterfeit
  • you’ve been charged twice or a different amount to what was agreed
  • you've been charged even though you’ve cancelled the payment
  • the payment is on your statement. If we can’t find the payment on your account, we won’t be able to process your dispute
  • the payment is pending and you used a debit card. You can’t dispute pending credit card payments, or
  • you want to stop future payments. If you want to cancel a recurring card payment, there's a separate process for this. You shouldn't raise a dispute.

Raise a new card dispute

If you haven't been able to resolve your dispute with the seller, you can ask us to help.

Which type of card did you use?

Check an existing card dispute

If we accept a Visa dispute, we'll get your money back into your account within 3 days. For unauthorised payments, we'll refund you within 1 working day.

Over the phone

If you've raised a card dispute already and want to check on its progress, we'll be happy to help you over the phone.

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

03457 30 20 11