Unlike the banks, we can do things differently

Like use our profits to benefit our members rather than shareholders.

Last year, we gave 3.4 million eligible members a share of our profits through The Nationwide Fairer Share Payment. We paid £100 straight into their Nationwide bank accounts.

We’re hoping that we can make a payment in 2024. It depends on how we perform financially. We will be able to confirm the payment, as well as the eligbility criteria, after the financial year ends in April.

Look out for an announcement on 23 May.

Who was eligible for the Nationwide Fairer Share Payment?

Members needed a qualifying current account and either qualifying savings or a qualifying mortgage. And they needed to have met this criteria when we checked on 31 March 2023.

Find out more about last year’s terms and conditions.

More for our members

What membership means

We want to provide our members with the best value in banking. We do this through better pricing and incentives than the market average. Last year, the benefit to our members totalled more than £1 billion.

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