What you need to know

It's important that you follow the correct process for transferring an ISA. We’ll tell you how to do this when you apply. Please don’t just withdraw your money from an ISA if you want to transfer it. If you do this, you'll lose the tax-efficient benefits.

Transfers from one ISA manager to another ISA manager during a single tax year will not affect your annual ISA allowance for that tax year, as long as you follow the correct transfer process.

Before committing to an ISA transfer, there are a few things to think about, including any penalties or costs for transferring your ISA.

What you need to do

To transfer your stocks and shares ISA with another manager to a Nationwide cash ISA, you’ll need to visit your local Nationwide branch.

Make sure you bring:

  • your National Insurance number
  • the account details of your stocks and shares ISA with another manager

How long it takes to transfer

Industry guidelines suggest allowing 30 days to complete your transfer after you’ve visited your local branch and made your request.

However, stocks and shares ISAs often include many types of investments, which can each take different times to close down or sell. So it depends how long it takes your current manager to sell the stocks and shares that make up your ISA.