I apply for a cash ISA for the tax year 6 April 2023​​​​​​​​​ to 5 April 2024​​​​​​​​​ and each subsequent tax year as required.

I have read and agree to the declaration.

I declare that:

  1. Any subscriptions made, and to be made, belong to me;
  2. I am 16 years of age or over;
  3. I have not subscribed, and will not subscribe, more than the overall subscription limit in total to a cash ISA, a stocks and shares ISA, an innovative finance ISA, and a lifetime ISA in the same tax year;
  4. I have not subscribed and will not subscribe to another cash ISA in the same tax year that I subscribe to this cash ISA*;
  5. I am resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes or, if not so resident, either perform duties which, by virtue of section 28 of Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003 (Crown employees serving overseas), are treated as being performed in the United Kingdom, or I am married to, or in a civil partnership** with a person who performs such duties. I will inform Nationwide Building Society if I cease to be so resident or to perform such duties or be married to, or in a civil partnership** with, a person who performs such duties;
  6. This application form has been completed to the best of my knowledge and belief. I will inform you without delay of any changes in my circumstances affecting any of the information given in this form.


  1. I authorise you to make on my behalf any claim to relief from tax in respect of my ISA investments;
  2. I authorise you to hold my cash subscriptions and any interest earned on those subscriptions;
  3. I agree to the terms and conditions of the Nationwide cash ISA (copies have been provided to me).

* NB: The Nationwide cash ISA (the ISA) can comprise all or any of our cash ISA products, and subscriptions to more than one of these ISA products does not constitute a subscription to another cash ISA for the purposes of paragraph 4) of the declaration above.

** Couples registered under the Civil Partnership Act 2004