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Mortgage life insurance

A mortgage is a big commitment. You don't want your loved ones to have to worry about how they're going to make the repayments if you're not around. Even if you're not earning a salary, your contribution to the household is still invaluable. How would your family cope and make ends meet without you?

With mortgage life insurance you'd know that the cover could help pay off the mortgage if you died during the length of the policy, so your loved ones might not have to think about selling up or downsizing. And, if you add Critical Illness Cover (extra premium) this could also pay out if you're diagnosed with one of our specified critical illnesses during the length of the policy.

This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made. Please refer to the Policy Summary for details, exclusions and limitations that apply.

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Choose between level or decreasing cover

Level cover 

Your cash lump sum value remains the same over the length of the policy, unless you choose to alter it.

Designed to help protect an interest only mortgage.

Decreasing cover

Your cash lump sum value decreases over the length of the plan roughly in line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases.

Designed to help protect a repayment mortgage.

More about mortgage life insurance cover ...

Early days advanced payment

A payment of up to £5,000 to help bring some early financial relief while the full claim is processed.

Premiums from £6

Premiums start from just £6 a month - depending on your personal circumstances.

Add Critical Illness Cover

You'll be helping to financially protect your family if you were diagnosed with one of the specified critical illnesses during the length of the policy - available for an additional premium.

Choose cover to suit your needs

Choose how long you want the cover to last for, how much the lump sum will be, and between level or decreasing cover to suit your mortgage.

Waiver of premium

Cover yourself if you can't work. This benefit pays your premium after 26 weeks if you become too ill or incapacitated due to sickness or injury to carry out your normal occupation (available for an additional premium).

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