Looking for debt or specialist help?

If you’re struggling with debt payments or your circumstances have changed, we want to get you to the right place so we can work through it together.

Have you missed a payment or gone over your overdraft limit?

We have options available that can help. We know it can be hard to talk about your finances but the sooner you get in touch with us, the more options you’ll have. Remember, speaking to us doesn’t impact your credit score, but missing a payment might.

Have your circumstances changed or are you going through a tough time?

We can help you if you need specialist support for life events like bereavement or financial struggles through gambling. Talk to us so we can take the next step together.

Support with managing your money

How to budget

If you want to feel more in control of your money, here are our 6 steps to help you create a budget that you can stick to.

Ways to help you save

Hoping to put some money away? We’ve got a range of tools, accounts and guidance to help make saving hassle-free.

Help with essential costs

With money feeling tight, we're here to help you with tips on bills and other important living expenses.

Make your home more energy efficient and borrow the money from us interest-free

We’ve teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to bring you the Home Energy Efficiency Tool. This tool will tell you what home improvements you could make, the potential costs and savings on your energy bills.

If you want to make the improvements, we’re offering a 0% Green Additional Borrowing Mortgage. This allows you to borrow more on your Nationwide mortgage without added interest. Eligibility criteria and conditions apply.

Help with your energy bills

Being more energy efficient at home could help you save money on your bills. Find out how your energy supplier can better support you.

Cost of living helpline

You can talk to us, especially when it comes to support with the cost of living.

Our helpline is available online through live chat, by phone and in person.

Speaking with us has no impact on your credit rating and it will not appear on your credit report.

Chat with us

Our cost of living experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To start a chat, click the blue 'Chat with us' button in the bottom of your screen.

We're here to support you, when you're ready to talk, no matter the time of day.

Call us

We're just a call away if you prefer to phone us.

You can also book a follow-up financial health check appointment if you'd like to take the next step together.

Opening times

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm

Visit us in branch

Prefer to speak face to face?

Your local branch managers are always here to help you.

Our products and services

We offer different products, support and tools that can help you manage your money.

Support with your mortgage

If you’re worried about your mortgage payments we want to help. Our commitment to the Mortgage Charter has introduced more options for our members.

Manage your borrowed money

How to manage your borrowing effectively if you have a loan, credit card, mortgage or overdraft with us.

Persistent debt on your credit card

This is where, over 18 months, you’re paying more in interest, fees and charges than you’re paying off the amount you’ve borrowed with your credit card. This is an expensive way to borrow money. And it will usually take you longer to repay the money you owe.

Insurance support

If you’re worried about keeping up with your insurance payments, our providers are there to help so you don’t have to consider cancelling your policy.

Home Insurance is provided by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd. Call them on 0800 145 60 60 to talk through your options.

Life Insurance is provided by Legal & General. Call them on 0345 674 0783 or visit their website (opens in a new window) to check your options.

Tools and options

Talk to an independent advisor about your debt

We work closely with organisations, like PayPlan and Stepchange, to make sure you can access free help based on your individual situation.

You can speak confidentially with a specialist debt advisor for different types of support including:

  • help with debt plans and insolvency
  • general debt advice
  • money management
  • financial wellbeing

Money and mental health

It can be hard for a lot of people to talk about money.

If you feel like your money is impacting your mental health or your mental health is making it hard to manage your money, help is available.

MIND, the mental health charity, can advise you on:

  • managing your finances
  • claiming benefits
  • dealing with services
  • general support

Free support from MoneyHelper

MoneyHelper offers support and tools to help you manage spending, prioritise bills and plan for the future.

It's provided by government and the Money and Pensions Service.