Issuing refunds if money is taken without your authorisation

We’ll refund money taken without authorisation from your account through our:

  • Banking app
  • Internet Bank
  • Open Banking service

You won’t lose a penny if money is taken fraudulently from your account. But you might not be entitled to a refund if you:

  • made the payment because a fraudster convinced you to
  • didn’t take reasonable steps to keep card and security details safe (as set out in your terms and conditions)
  • acted fraudulently - this can include withholding information or making a false claim statement.


Tell us about any suspicious transactions as soon as you notice them. You might not receive a refund if the transaction happened more than 13 months ago.

Protecting your money 24/7

Nothing is more important to us than keeping our members’ money safe, so we monitor and protect your account with the latest technology 24/7.

Learn more about about our online banking services and how we keep you safe:

Providing information on staying safe online

Criminals need your security details to get into your online accounts. That’s why many scams are designed to convince you to hand them over. Being aware of the latest threats is the best way to stay safe.

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