Meet Arti

Arti is trained to understand and answer your questions. If you have a problem or query, Arti will find the solution for you. Or put you through to someone that can help.

As well as helping to manage your account, Arti can help find the right products for you. And explain how you can apply for them.

You can chat about different topics, including:

  • applying for mortgages or loans

  • downloading statements

  • cancelling payments

  • booking appointments

  • PIN reminders and unlocking

  • replacement cards

Where to find Arti

  1. Banking app

    Available 24 hours, 7 days a week. To chat, select Help and Contact Us and choose the Send us a message option.

  2. Internet Bank

    Available 24 hours, 7 days a week. To chat, select Messages at the top of the page.

  1. Website

    Available 8am to 7.45pm, Monday to Sunday. Select the blue Chat with us button on the right side of our Contact us page.

  2. When you try to call us

    Use an iPhone? When you try to call some of our numbers, you’ll be given the option to message Arti instead.

How to use Arti

To get an answer to your question, type a short, simple sentence like “how do I cancel a payment”. This makes it easier for Arti to understand. You can also choose an option from the list.

If Arti doesn’t understand your question, you’ll be asked to rephrase. Try and use different words to help describe what you’re looking for. If Arti is still struggling after a couple of tries, you’ll be put through to someone who can help.

Arti continues to learn from conversations and interactions – providing you with more support in the future.

Keeping your messages and information secure

All conversations with Arti are secure.

You can choose to log in to our Internet Bank or Banking App to chat to Arti. By logging in, we can verify it’s you. If you start a chat on the website, or on your iPhone after trying to call us, we’ll need to connect you with one of our colleagues to confirm your identity.

Your conversation will be kept by us for quality and monitoring purposes. If you’ve used the website, it will only be available for 15 minutes after your chat with Arti has ended. Use any of the other options, and your chat will always be there to look at.

Unless we specifically request it, don’t give us any personal details like your address, card or account details.

If you want to find out more here’s our Privacy Notice.