Request for Title Deeds

By entering all information into the boxes of the Title Deeds Request form, you will be able to send your title deeds request direct to Nationwide Building Society via the e-mail system.


We are unable to accept electronic requests for:
  • Commercial Accounts, please fax your written requests to 01604 853278.
  • UCBHL Accounts, please fax your written requests to 0208 4014621.

The Deed of Postponement process for all jurisdictions has changed and you no longer need to send the completed form to Nationwide for a signature before forwarding to the Land Registry.

Request for a Redemption Statement

If your law firm is a member of the Lender Exchange panel, please send your Nationwide and UCBHL redemption requests through Lender Exchange.

When Early Repayment Charges are not due

If your client is porting their current mortgage product and rate to their new property, and:

  1. completion of the sale of their existing property and the purchase of the new property take place on the same day, and
  2. the entire remaining balance of their existing product is transferred
  3. if their payment is within their remaining Overpayment Allowance.

Please be aware, the ERC will still appear on the redemption statement and will need to be deducted from the total you collect.

When Early Repayment Charges are individually reviewed

If you’re redeeming this mortgage for your client from funds not associated with a remortgage or the sale of the property e.g. inheritance or a divorce settlement and they’re subject to early repayment charges (ERCs), please contact us after redemption of the mortgage and we’ll review any ERC paid.

When Early Repayment Charges are due

If there is a delay between the sale of the existing property and the purchase of the new one.

The ERC will be refunded when the port to the new property is completed.


Nationwide won’t release its charge on the property at the respective Land Registry until the full amount has been paid.

When partial Early Repayment Charges are due

If the new mortgage offer is for a lower value than the existing mortgage.

For more information please call 03457 30 20 11. (Lines open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Saturday, 9am to 12.30pm. Closed Sundays and bank holidays)

Use of your information - Sole traders only

Nationwide will use information about solicitors on its conveyancing panel in the following ways:

  • Information provided on the solicitors panel application form will be held on Nationwide's mortgage application systems
  • It will also be held on Mortgage Trading Exchange's website and will be accessed by mortgage intermediaries using the Nationwide section of the site.

You have the right of access to your personal records held by Nationwide, for which we will charge you a fee of £10.

Lenders handbook

Current versions of UK Finance Handbooks (parts 1 and 2) for solicitors and licensed conveyancers are now available.

Separate Representation - Information for panel firms

As a member of Nationwide's Conveyancing Panel it is important that you are fully aware of our policy with regards to Separate Representation cases.

When a non-panel member firm is instructed by one of our mortgage applicants, Nationwide appoints a panel firm to carry out its instructions and to liaise with the borrower's conveyancer.

This appointment is made by Nationwide using specific instructions similar to those in part 3 of the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders' Handbook.

It has become apparent to us that in some cases the non-panel firm will attempt to instruct a panel firm of their choice.

This approach is inconsistent with our procedure and is not acceptable to Nationwide.

Would you please make sure that any such requests made to your firm are returned back to the non-panel firm requiring that they contact Nationwide's mortgage processing office and confirming that a separate representation instruction will need to be made.

Failure to do this at an early stage risks additional cost and delay when the matter is later identified as Nationwide will require its process to be followed.

We look forward to your cooperation in this regard and if you have any queries please contact 03457 30 20 11.

Conveyancing Panel Membership

Nationwide utilises the Panel Management services offered by Decision First through Lender Exchange (opens in a new window)

In order to become a member of our conveyancing panel, please apply through Lender Exchange.

For additional information about Decision First or Lender call 0344 244 3535, or e-mail