Please submit all Post Offer Queries via email to, duplicates are not required so please do not follow it up with a faxed or postal copy.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • This mailbox is only to be used by law firms to submit Post Offer Queries.
  • M Reference to be included in the message subject. This is not the same as the account number and can be found in the bottom left of each page of the mortgage offer.
  • One case per email - Multiple queries can be asked but these (and any attachments) must all relate to the same case.
  • Attachments can be added, these must:
    • Be under 9mb in size
    • Format types – pdf, jpeg, tiff
    • Multiple attachments for the same case are allowed, but we would ask that you optimise these so that you send the minimum required.
  • Remove email signatures and any unnecessary images from emails.
  • Certificate of Titles are NOT to be sent to this mailbox – Please continue to use existing methods i.e. Lender Exchange or fax/email were specified.

Should you submit a Post Offer Query that does not adhere to these rules, this could result in the query being returned to sender and/or delays to the applications progress.