Using Samsung Pay with a Nationwide card

Samsung Pay is a way for you to make purchases from merchants using a phone or other device e.g. a watch which can store virtual representations of your debit or credit cards. In order to use Samsung Pay, you have to register a credit or debit card to your device. If you're using Samsung Pay on a Gear S3 or other watch or wearable device, you'll need to first register a credit card or debit card on a linked/companion phone or other device. You also need to have an eligible Samsung device and meet any other conditions that Samsung may impose – you should contact Samsung direct for further information as we have no control over these requirements. Further information may be found on the Samsung website (opens in a new window).

The terms and conditions of your Nationwide credit card or Nationwide current account apply to your use of Samsung Pay.


When you register a card to your device, information about that card is sent to and stored on your device. That information is used to create a digital card which is provisioned to your device. This digital card may not have the same card number as your plastic card. It is important that you take reasonable precautions to keep cards registered in the Samsung Pay App, including the security details that relate to them (your device password, pattern, PIN, your fingerprint and iris scan stored in your Samsung device), safe and prevent fraudulent use of them. Your agreement already explains that you need to protect your Cards, PINs and security information from being misused e.g. to commit fraud. This will include the security details or procedures associated with a card stored on a device.

In particular:

  • You must not choose a device password, pattern or PIN that can be easily guessed by anyone else or tell anyone else what your device password, pattern or PIN is;
  • You must not store anyone else’s fingerprint or iris scan in your device; and
  • If you've already set up your device with a password, pattern or PIN, fingerprint or iris scan access (Security Information) you must review this and ensure you change any password, pattern or PIN that can be easily guessed or you have already shared with anyone else and you must delete any fingerprint or iris scan information which is not your own. If you believe somebody else knows any Security Information that you use for Samsung Pay or your device, you should change that information immediately.

If you fail to keep your Security Information registered on your device safe, the consequences will be the same as for all other card details and security details you don’t keep safe. The terms and conditions which apply to your current account and/or credit card contain full details.

If you consent to another person using your device by allowing them to register their fingerprint or iris scan in your device or telling them your password, pattern or PIN we'll treat this as you failing to keep your card and security details safe. You may be liable for transactions made by someone else using your device. Please see your current account or credit card terms and conditions for more information.

If you lose your device or your security details have been compromised

If your device is lost or stolen, if you believe someone else has used or has discovered your Samsung Pay security details, or the security of the card on your device has been compromised, you must contact us using the telephone numbers on the back of your plastic card as soon as you can so we can deactivate the card on your device.

If your device is lost or stolen you should also take the steps recommended to you by Samsung to locate, lock or erase your device contents remotely. If you have device-locate software enabled on your device, you may be able to use that software to suspend any card details registered on the device.

If you're using Samsung Pay on a Gear S3 or other watch or wearable device and the companion device is lost/stolen, you'll not be able to continue making payments using the Gear S3 or other watch or wearable device, where an internet connection is required.

If your card is deleted or blocked from your device you'll still be able to use your plastic card to make payments. If you subsequently wish to use Samsung Pay on any new device you'll need to re-register your card.

Making payments

You can authorise a payment from your Nationwide card using Samsung Pay by:

  1. swiping up from the home button on your Samsung device screen; or
  2. entering the Samsung Pay app, and holding your device within a few centimetres of the card terminal and either using fingerprint or iris scan on your device or entering your device password, PIN or pattern.

You can also make 'Tap and go'' payments by simply placing your device within a few centimetres of a card terminal. These payments can only be made for travel through the TFL network.

If you're using a Samsung Gear S3, once you've strapped on the device and entered your PIN, to authorise a payment you'll need to press and hold the 'Back' key to launch Samsung Pay and hold your device within a few centimetres of the card terminal.

For security reasons, you may occasionally need an internet connection before you can make a payment.

When you authorise a payment, the Samsung Pay App will automatically select the card you used for your last Samsung Pay transaction on that device, from your list of pre-selected favourites. If you want to change the card you pay with, you can do this by swiping up from the home button or entering the Samsung Pay App and select a different card before you authorise the payment. If you're using Samsung Gear S3, you can change the card you pay with by launching Samsung Pay and rotating the screen to select a different card.

You can only make payments at merchants who have supporting contactless technology. Any payment you make will be deducted from your account in the same way as it would if you made a plastic card payment. Contactless payment limits may apply to payments authorised using Samsung Pay. This can vary between retailers and payment card terminals that are used. A retailer may refuse a payment transaction if it exceeds the current contactless limit applicable to them.

As is usual for card payments, you can't stop a payment made using Samsung Pay once you've authorised it, but the merchant (or we) may make a refund.

Replacement and new cards

Once you've registered a credit or debit card to your device, unless we tell you otherwise, if we replace your plastic card with a new one, for example when the card expires or when we issue a replacement if a card is lost or stolen, you'll continue to be able to use the digital card on your device.

If you switch or transfer to another type of Nationwide account you'll need to register any new eligible card issued for that new account to your device if you still wish to use Samsung Pay.

Replacing your phone or other device

You must delete your card from your old device if you upgrade, change, dispose of it or pass it temporarily to someone else e.g. to be repaired.

Stopping or restricting your use of Samsung Pay

We already have rights to suspend, restrict or cancel your use of cards in the terms and conditions that apply to your current account or credit card – these rights will extend to cards you register with Samsung Pay. In addition to those rights we'll also have the right to suspend or restrict the use of a card registered with Samsung Pay if the Samsung Pay service is no longer available to our customers.

If you lose your device, or you believe that someone else might be using your device, password, pattern or PIN without your permission, you're advised to use the Samsung device management website (This link will open in a new window) to lock and manage your devices. Please be aware that we can’t do this for you. If you need to lock one of your devices you'll be able to continue to use your other devices as usual.


We will not charge you for making payments using Samsung Pay. However, your communications network operator may charge you for accessing Samsung Pay via your device. Charges may vary between operators and whether you are abroad or in the UK.

Availability of Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay service is made available by Samsung on compatible Samsung devices. We don't control the platform or the devices and are not responsible to you for any failure or delay in Samsung providing Samsung Pay unless this is as a result of something we have done.


We may change the information in this document for the reasons and in the same way as we would make changes to the terms and conditions that apply to your credit or debit card that you've registered in the Samsung Pay App

Samsung and Samsung Pay are trade marks or registered trade marks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Use only in accordance with the law. Samsung Pay is available on select Samsung devices.