Using Apple Pay with a Nationwide card

Apple Pay is a way for you to make purchases from merchants or in-app using a phone or watch or other kind of device storing virtual representations of your debit or credit card. In order to use Apple Pay, you have to register a credit or debit card to your device. The terms and conditions of your Nationwide credit card or current account do not change when you use Apple Pay.

Replacement and new cards

Once you've registered a credit or debit card to your device, unless we tell you otherwise, if we replace your card with a new one, for example when the card expires or when we issue a replacement if a card is lost or stolen, we will automatically register the new one to your device, so you will not need to register it yourself.

If you switch or transfer to another type of Nationwide account you'll need to register any new card issued for that new account to your device if you still wish to use Apple Pay.

Making payments

You can make a payment from your Nationwide card using Apple Pay in-app or in-store at any time, subject to the relevant merchant having supporting technology. Any payment you make will be deducted from your account in the same way as it would if you made a normal card payment.

As is usual for card payments, you can't stop a payment made using Apple Pay once you've authorised it, but the merchant (or we) may make a refund.


When you register a card to your device, information about that card is sent to and stored on your device. It is important that you keep your device safe and secure, and your device passcode secret, and, if applicable, do not let anyone else add their fingerprint to your device to use Touch ID. If you believe somebody else knows any security information that you use for Apple Pay or your device, you should change that information immediately.

If you lose your phone, watch or other device

If your device is lost or stolen, you should take the steps recommended to you by Apple to locate, lock or erase your device contents remotely. If you have device-locate software enabled on your device, you may be able to use that software to suspend any card details registered on the device. You should also contact us to deactivate your card on the device.

If your card is deleted from your device you'll still be able to use it to make payments otherwise than through Apple Pay. If you subsequently wish to use Apple Pay on any new device you'll need to re-register your card.

Replacing your phone, watch or other device

It is your responsibility to delete your card from your old device if you upgrade, change or dispose of it. You will then need to re-register your card to your new device.

Stopping or restricting your use of Apple Pay

We can stop or restrict your use of Apple Pay if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the security of your personal information has or may have been compromised, or used without your consent, or we otherwise think it appropriate for your protection. Wherever possible, we will tell you personally before we do this, or, if we can't contact you, we will try and contact you afterwards.

We might decide not to honour a payment you make using Apple Pay and we'll normally tell you why at the time. If we do this, we're not responsible for any losses you might suffer as a result.


We will not charge you for making payments using Apple Pay. However, your communications network operator may charge you for accessing Apple Pay via your device. Charges may vary between operators and whether you're abroad.

Available on selected Apple devices only. Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.