Putting you in control

You can choose:

  • the current account or credit card data you authorise us to share

  • which authorised company you want us to share your data with

  • to give an authorised company permission to make a payment on your behalf.

You have to agree to share specific information with a company. To do this:

  1. agree to give an authorised company access via their website or app
  2. use your online banking details to confirm your decision to share your data
  3. we’ll then redirect you back to the company and they can start accessing your data.

This gives us your permission to accept their requests. We only give them access to the information you agreed to.

Keeping Open Banking secure

Every company that sends us a request gets checked against the Open Banking Directory. This lists companies approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or EU equivalent regulators.

If a company isn’t listed, we cannot deal with them. This helps further protect your information and money. For additional security, all transfers of information or payment are always done using secure API (Application Programming Interface).

How you can help

Never share your details

There's no need to share your account login details, PIN or passwords with the authorised company you have chosen. As long as you keep your details secure, Open Banking is safe to use.

Always read the detail

Before agreeing to a service or product:

  • read the terms and conditions
  • make sure you're happy with the access you are giving
  • check how your information will be used and who it will be passed to.