On this page you will find information about any planned maintenance or disruption(s) to our digital services. If you need further information, please see the useful links at the bottom of the page.

Our services are working normally

Why we do it

We’re passionate about giving our members the best possible digital experience. To do this, we may need to make some changes behind the scenes from time-to-time, to keep things working well.

Throughout the year, this work could affect different services, like the Internet Bank and Banking app, at different times. We’ll aim to do this work at times that impact you the least – such as weekends, in the early hours, to inconvenience as few of our members as possible.

Our commitment to you

Whenever we have important improvements to make:

  • we’ll plan it during times of least impact on our members
  • we’ll tell you about it in advance, so you can prepare if you need to
  • we’ll tell you when it’s complete, so you know when things are back to normal.

Our goal is to make sure your money is always safe, secure and managed in the best possible way.

Updates to our digital services

To give you the best possible digital experience means that from time-to-time we need to carry out work on our systems.

We always try to keep any disruption to a minimum – more information about digital services

Open Banking channel availability

If you’re interested in seeing a breakdown of our Open Banking channel availability, then take a look at our latest report.