I confirm, for the benefit of the Administrator and HM Treasury, that by making this Eligible Customer Declaration:

  1. I do not own, and never have owned, any interest in land, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, which:
    1. is:
      1. in England or Wales:
        1. freehold;
        2. leasehold, where the lease was originally granted for a term certain exceeding 21 years; or
        3. commonhold; or
      2. in Scotland, registered or recorded, or would be capable of being registered or recorded, as a right of absolute ownership in the Land Register of Scotland or General Register of Sasines in Scotland, as applicable; or
      3. in Northern Ireland:
        1. freehold; or
        2. leasehold, where the lease was originally granted for a term certain exceeding 21 years; or
      4. an equivalent interest in land to the interests in land listed in paragraphs (A)(i) to (iii) above under the laws of any jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom;
    2. comprises a building that is used or suitable for use as a dwelling, or is in the process of being constructed or adapted for such use; and
      1. which I acquired as a purchaser by way of sole or joint ownership; or
      2. which entitles me to possess or occupy that land.
  2. I have not previously received payment of a Bonus under the Help to Buy: ISA Scheme Rules (unless the full amount of such Bonus has subsequently been repaid to the Administrator in accordance with the Scheme Rules).
  3. I have not paid, and will not pay, into this Help to Buy: ISA more than the applicable monthly allowance, as set out in the Scheme Rules.
  4. I understand that I can only hold one Help to Buy: ISA at any time.
  5. I have been supplied with, or have had made available to me, a copy of the Scheme Rules, or have been provided with, or had made available to me, a link to a website where the Scheme Rules can be accessed, and I agree to be bound from the date of this agreement as an Eligible Customer by the Scheme Rules, as such may be amended and/or restated from time to time.