Published on: 16 December 2021

A gift before Christmas

Our Member Prize Draw winners for October took home cash prizes worth up to £100,000.

Nationwide members with a mortgage, personal savings or current account with us are automatically entered into our draw. Every month, they could be in with a chance of winning a share of the £1 million pot.

We reached out to Charles from Waltham Cross, to see how he'll spend his £10,000 prize money over the festive season.

‘I just couldn’t believe it’

Winning £10,000 came just at the right time for Charles as we approached the Christmas period.

'A few days before I found out I'd won £10,000 I was really worried. Christmas was coming up and I've got four children, all boys, and I'm thinking what am I going to do for money?

'But then I get a call from my branch to tell me I've won money.

'I was at work at the time and I just shout and shout and shout. My workmates were all shouting too. I just couldn't believe it. Nothing like this has happened to me before.'

‘This year I’m not going to have to borrow for Christmas’

When the shock of winning had settled in, Charles took to treating those closest to him.

'I told my partner and she didn't think it was true. I went to take money out of the cash machine to pay the rent, and then I took some more and then I took out a bit more.

'It was true! The money was in and I was shaking – really shaking. I was so excited I couldn't ride my bike home. I am so lucky. This year I'm not going to have to borrow for Christmas.

'My washing machine was broken and now I've got a new one coming. I've given money to my Mum and my brothers. And I bought pizza for everyone at work so we can all eat together.'

‘My life has been totally changed’

With his winnings, Charles hopes to spoil his sons with a few gifts.

'My boys will be OK. They never go to the cinema, but they did last week. They share a laptop but now I can buy more. My youngest will get one too when he's older. I know we need to manage this money so we don't go back to zero.

'I feel as if I'm truly blessed by God. I'm really, really, OK. I've gone from zero to 75%.

'My life has been totally changed. And every time I go to my branch or take my money out, I'll remember and appreciate. Thank you.'

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