How we work out what you’ll be charged

Whether you’re making a card purchase or a withdrawal from a cash machine, what you’ll be charged depends on:

  • the currency conversion rate – this is the Visa exchange rate, which is set daily; and
  • the non-sterling transaction fee – some of our cards include a fee when you make a transaction in a different currency.

Together, these are the currency conversion charges we talk about on this page.

Calculate EEA currency conversion charges

How the calculator works

The difference between the total currency conversion charges and the European Central Bank (ECB) reference rate is shown as a percentage mark up. This lets you compare the currency conversion charges of different providers.

All banks and building societies are required to use the latest reference rates issued by the ECB to help you compare these charges.


Percentage mark up when using your card in an EEA currency

The following tables display the current ECB percentage mark up for each EEA currency. You can use these to compare charges with those of other providers.

Currency conversion charges for credit and debit card transactions made in the EEA


Keep in mind

The ECB reference rate changes at 3pm on working days, using:

  • Visa’s exchange rate for transactions settled that day
  • the current ECB reference rate.

Visa uses its own currency conversion rate. This is applied on the day Visa gets your transaction details for processing. The exchange rate and the percentage mark up may not be the same as the one that applied on the day you made the transaction.