What is a Third Party Mandate?

A one-off, or short-term arrangement allowing a trusted person to access your passbook savings account.

A Third Party Mandate may be useful if you need cash, a banker’s cheque or transfer and:

  • You’re temporarily unable to come into a branch yourself.
  • You know you’ll be travelling on a short business trip or holiday when the money is needed.
  • Are in hospital for a few days or a short number of weeks.
  • You’re waiting for a General Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney to be set up



It's very important that you only give access to someone you trust. You're allowing them to carry out transactions on your behalf, but you will still be responsible for the account. So you need to be sure they will act in your best interests.

For your protection, we may sometimes refuse transactions or contact you to discuss them.

Other options

If you need short-term support with more than just a savings passbook account you may want to consider a General Power of Attorney.


If it is an emergency, or an unexpected situation, and you need someone to access more than just your savings passbook account. Contact us so we can consider how else we may be able to help.

What can a third party do?

They can:

  • Access your passbook savings account.

  • Take out up to £500 a day cash.

  • Take out up to £5,000 a day by cheque, as long as it’s not payable to them.

  • Transfer up to £5,000 a day to any account in your name only.

They can't:

  • Access any other account.

  • Access information we hold about you.

  • Access information about your other accounts.

  • Have another passbook - there is only one and you remain in control.

  • Go over withdrawal and transfer limits within your account terms and conditions.

You can end the Third Party Mandate at any time.


Whenever the third party comes into a branch to make a transaction, they must bring your passbook and proof of their ID and address.

How to set up a Third Party Mandate

  1. Download and complete the Authorised Representative Withdrawals form

  2. Make an appointment to register the form in branch

    Register the form by making an appointment at your nearest branch. Only your third party needs to attend and bring:

    • The Authorised Representative Withdrawals form signed by both parties.
    • The savings passbook.
    • Proof of their ID and address. Your third party can’t use the same document to prove both their name and address.

    Find your nearest branch

  3. What happens next

    The mandate can be used a few days after we have registered the form.

Joint accounts

Both account holders must agree to allow another person to access their account.

Ending a Third Party Mandate

A mandate ends for a one-off withdrawal, as soon as the withdrawal is made.

A Third Party Mandate for short term regular access ends if:

  • Either of you die.
  • Either of you lose mental capacity - the ability to make decisions. We must be notified as soon as possible if this happens.
  • You or your third party cancels it. You can do this over the phone or by visiting one of our branches.

Contact us for more help


If you need to speak to a member of staff, pop into any branch.