What is a Third Party Mandate and how does it work?

A Third Party Mandate is an arrangement you set up with us that lets you give access to one of your current or savings accounts to someone you trust so they can do some of your everyday banking in branch, like taking out cash, paying a bill or moving money between your Nationwide accounts.

You cannot give them access to your online banking or allow them to use your card at a cash machine. The Mandate only works in branch. And to make a transaction, they'll need to bring proof of ID and address each time they come into branch.

You could set this up to give access to a relative, friend or carer. As long as it’s someone you trust.

You choose how long you’d like the Mandate or your trusted person's access to last, for up to 12 months in total. That could be just for a one-off cash withdrawal or regular access during this time. You’re in control.


You can only set up a one-off withdrawal Third Party Mandate once every 12 months. If you might need to give more regular access, you can set up a regular Third Party Mandate instead. Not sure? Come into your local branch or call us to discuss your needs with our specialist team.

What’s the difference between a Third Party Mandate and a joint account?

When you open a joint account with someone, all the money (and any debt) in the account is shared between you. And you both have the legal right to use the money as you wish. If either account holder dies, the money (or debt) in the account passes to the other person.

A Third Party Mandate is different. Your account and your money stay in your control. The person you give access to can only make simple transactions in branch within the limits set out in the Mandate. And you can cancel the Mandate at any time.

How a Third Party Mandate could help

Whether you need help just once or would like regular support to manage your money, a Third Party Mandate could make life easier for you and the person helping you.

You may find a Third Party Mandate useful if:

  • you temporarily cannot visit us in branch (for example, if you’re not well)
  • you have someone who helps you with tasks like paying bills
  • you're waiting for a power of attorney to be set up
  • you only need support with a single account, rather than help managing all your finances.

What can a third party do with a Mandate?

With a Third Party Mandate, someone you trust can access your account to make simple transactions within the limits set out in the Mandate.

Here are some of the things a third party can and cannot do when they come into branch.

They can:

  • Take out cash for you up to £500 a day or up to whatever amount is specified in the terms and conditions of your account, whichever is lower.

  • Pay money into your account.

  • Pay a bill or invoice for you up to £5,000 with a cheque. The trusted person will need to bring the bill or invoice with them to branch. This is so we know what the money will be used for and who will be paid.

  • Move up to £5,000 a day between your sole Nationwide accounts. They cannot move money to a joint account you share with them or anyone else. The account must be in your name only.

  • Make these simple transactions for you for up to 12 months.

They cannot:

  • Make changes to your account. This includes setting up, cancelling or changing any regular payments, like standing orders or Direct Debits.

  • Make changes to your personal details, like your address or phone number.

  • Cancel your card.

  • Close your account.

  • Apply for any form of credit, including overdrafts, loans or credit cards.

  • Move money from your account to their account or another person’s account.

  • Have their own card for your account or use yours. But you’ll still be able to use your card as normal.

  • Use telephone or online banking – a Third Party Mandate only works in branch.

  • Access any information that is not immediately relevant to the transaction they’re making for you.


If you need help for longer than 12 months, or want to give greater access to your accounts than what a Third Party Mandate can offer, a power of attorney may be more suitable. The full terms and conditions of the Mandate apply with this. You can find out more about this by setting up a Third Party Mandate or visiting the following page.

Ending or cancelling a Third Party Mandate

A Third Party Mandate should only be used for a maximum of 12 months. At this point, we'll contact the account holder and end the Mandate. If you need help for longer than 12 months, a power of attorney may be more suitable.

In certain circumstances, we’ll automatically end a Third Party Mandate. For example, if you tell us either you or your trusted person has lost mental capacity or if either of you die. A full list of all the reasons why a Third Party Mandate would end are included in the terms and conditions.

One-off withdrawal Mandates

If the Mandate has only been set up for a one-off withdrawal, it will end as soon as that transaction is complete.

You can always set up another, new Mandate if you want someone you trust to make another transaction for you. But it will again end once that transaction is complete. And you cannot have more than one, one-off withdrawal Mandate in a 12-month period.

Regular Mandates

A regular Third Party Mandate will end either at the date specified or after 12 months.

How to cancel a Third Party Mandate

Either you or your trusted person can cancel the Third Party Mandate at any time.

One of you will simply need to let us know when you want the Mandate to end by either calling us, visiting your local branch or writing to us. Please let us know if there’s a specific date when you would like the Mandate to stop or if it should stop straightaway, which will take effect within 2 working days.

How to set up a Third Party Mandate 

To set up a Third Party Mandate, you’ll need:

  • a Nationwide current or savings account. Unfortunately, a Third Party Mandate cannot be set up for Fixed Rate Bonds and ISAs, all Trust Accounts (these include children’s accounts held in the name of an adult), Business Investor or Portfolio Investor

  • to be 18 years old or over

  • to have the mental capacity to be able to make your own financial decisions

  • to give access to someone aged 18 years old or over, who is a UK resident and who is able to provide photo ID.

There are 4 steps to set up a Third Party Mandate. 

  1. Visit us in branch or call us

    You or your trusted person will need to either come into your local branch or call us to discuss with our specialist team. If your trusted person contacts us first, we’ll always speak to you before we start the process of setting up a Third Party Mandate. This is to make sure it’s right for you and reflects your wishes.

  2. Complete our form

    If a Third Party Mandate is the right option for you, we’ll either give you a form in branch or post one to you. Both you and your trusted person will need to complete and sign the form.

  3. Return our form to us

    You can either return the form to us at your local branch or you can post it back to us. If your trusted person isn't a Nationwide member, we’ll need them to bring proof of ID and address into branch. You're a member if you have a current account, mortgage or savings account with us.

  4. We’ll get you set up

    Once we’ve received your signed form, we’ll set up the Third Party Mandate within 10 working days. We'll send you and your trusted person a letter to let you know it’s been set up.

If you’ve set up a regular Third Party Mandate, we may check in with you at 3 and 9 months to ensure the Mandate is still right for you. This is unless you’ve chosen to end it sooner. We won't check in with you if it's a one-off withdrawal Mandate.

Other ways to get support

Not sure a Third Party Mandate is right for you? Learn more about the third party access services we offer to help you get support managing your money, or call our specialist team to talk about the options available to you.

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