We do not accept any coins from businesses or trade. Whilst we’ll try to accept any cash you want to deposit, it’s at the discretion of our branches to either accept or refuse coins.

Coin bags

Organise your bags by type of coin

Please group all of the same type of coins together when bagging them up. This will help us to process your deposit quickly and easily.

Maximum amounts per bag

You can deposit full bags of either:

  • £1 or £2 coins to the value of £20
  • 50p or 20p coins to the value of £10
  • 10p or 5p coins to the value of £5
  • 2p or 1p coins to the value of £1.

How many bags can you deposit?

You can deposit any amount of full bags into your account. We just ask that you separate the coins into full bags that contain only one type of coin.

If you have a large number of coins to deposit, please call your local branch first to see if they are able to accept them.

Loose coins and change

If you're depositing a small amount of loose coins, you can pay these in at a Nationwide branch.

If you have a large number of loose coins, we can give you bags to separate these into.

Find your local branch

When you're ready, we'll be happy to help you at your local branch.