It’s just 3 easy steps

  1. Build a budget

    Use our tool to help us get an accurate picture of your finances and give you the best possible support.

  2. Talk to us

    We’ll have a chat about your budget and current situation.

  3. Let’s make a plan

    Then together, we'll agree on what to do next.


Details about what you earn and spend will only be used to build your budget – not to give you any financial or budgeting advice. Building a budget won’t affect your credit score.

How to complete our budget form

What you'll need to get started

To help create your budget we’ll need to know about your income and spending. It'll be useful to have these ready:

  • Your latest bills and credit statements. We’ll ask about your mortgage or rent payments, energy and Council Tax bills as well as any debts you have with other providers.

  • Your latest payslips or income statements. We’ll ask about any money you have coming in, including salaries, pensions, income support or benefits. Remember, if you live with another person and deal with your outgoings together, you should also include their income in your budget.

If you’re having trouble building your budget

That's okay, you can get in touch by calling our money worries team.


It’s easier and quicker to work out your budget first. Otherwise, we’ll have to go through it together on the call.


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