Creating an ever more inclusive and diverse workplace

We are committed to creating an ever more inclusive and diverse workplace. This includes fairer gender representation across all of our organisation.

Here, we'll explain how we are doing it and what we’ve achieved.

Our measure (target)

Women currently represent 60.3% of the workforce at Nationwide. However, we know this reduces at more senior levels.

Our diversity measures include increasing the percentage of women in senior leadership roles to 50% by 2028. This is also our Women in Finance Charter target.

To make sure we’re on track, we check progress regularly and report directly to our:

  • Executive Committee (monthly)
  • Nominations and Governance Committee (quarterly)
  • Board (annually).

Our progress

Senior Leaders

We define senior leaders at Nationwide as career families D and E, this covers both our senior management and executive populations.

When we signed the Women in Finance Charter in 2016, representation of women in senior management was 32.6%. As of 31 August 2023, representation is 35.5%.

Our aim is to achieve 50% representation of women in senior management by 2028.

We acknowledge that we still have work to do to achieve gender balance so we are taking holistic, evidence-based and targeted action to accelerate progress and achieve sustainable impact. Our gender pay gap page highlights the activities we are taking to make progress.  

Nationwide Board

We have committed to the Nationwide Board being a minimum of 40% female representation. Currently (August 2023), our Board is 54.55% female.