Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home

We’re sponsoring the ITV show Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home. This is a new series showing some of the greenest homes, huts and small spaces in the UK. The programme wants to help people make their homes greener.

Tips and tricks

In the following videos, Daisy Payne shows you how to make simple changes around your home for the health of our planet. Daisy is a passionate amateur gardener, social media influencer and gardening presenter, who regularly appears on ITV's This Morning.

Greener ways to heat and power your home

Here are some ideas for you to create and save energy and heat around the house, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Make your bathroom greener

A few simple things you can do to make your bathroom more sustainable.

Make your garden greener

Gardens aren’t just for BBQs, pretty flowers and sunbathing. They have a role to play in sustainable living as well. See how you can change your outside space.

Making your kitchen greener

From recycling our food waste to cutting down on plastic packaging, here are some ideas to consider for your kitchen.