The Nationwide Foundation’s vision

The Nationwide Foundation’s vision is for everyone in the UK to have access to a decent home they can afford. To make this happen it works on influencing change to the housing system. This is achieved by supporting, testing and evidencing solutions for increasing the availability of decent affordable homes for people in need.

The Nationwide Foundation has three programmes:

  • Nurturing ideas to change the housing system — supporting new and emerging solutions that could help create truly decent, affordable homes.

  • Backing community-led housing — helping local people take control of their housing.

  • Transforming the private rented sector — making sure that private tenants have secure, affordable and decent homes.


Since 1997, the Nationwide Foundation has awarded over £40 million to more than 3,000 UK charitable causes.

Charitable assignment

The Nationwide Foundation (the Foundation) is a registered charity (number 1065552) established in 1997 and capable of carrying out all charitable purposes under English law. The Nationwide Foundation is the beneficiary of the charitable assignment scheme put in place by the Society with effect from 3 November 1997.

The scheme was put in place in order to address the disruption caused to the Society’s business from persons seeking to make short term gains from a demutualisation of the Society.

Customers who have become members of the Society since 3 November 1997 have (with certain exceptions) been required under the scheme to assign their rights to conversion benefits to the Foundation in the event that the Society’s business is transferred to a company. On acceptance of an application to the Society and opening an account, customers automatically become members of the Foundation. It is intended that each of the Society and the Foundation has the right independently to enforce the scheme against such members.


A board of trustees runs the Nationwide Foundation in accordance with its charitable objects. These are to promote such purposes as being exclusively charitable according to the law of England and Wales as the trustees shall from time to time determine.

The Nationwide Foundation's board

The Nationwide Foundation is governed by a board of 10 trustees. They have a broad mix of skills, with experiences drawn from voluntary and commercial sectors. Up to three trustees are appointed by us, with the others appointed by the Nationwide Foundation board.

Trustees serve a maximum term of six years, except for the chair, who can serve up to nine years. The Nationwide Foundation advertises trustee vacancies on its website.

Funding and strategic decisions

The Nationwide Foundation is funded by an annual lump sum donation from our pre-tax profit. It is an independent charity with funding and strategic decisions all made by the Nationwide Foundation board.

Nationwide Foundation members

If you joined the Society on or after 3 November 1997, you'll automatically have become a charity member of the Foundation and, in the unlikely event of conversion, any conversion benefits you would have received will instead be given to the Nationwide Foundation to support its charitable objects.

Members who joined the Society before 3 November 1997 can also join the Nationwide Foundation. But you must give up your right to any potential conversion benefits. If you'd like to know more visit your nearest branch or give us a call.

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