Proving ownership for your nominated account

We’re sorry, but we’ve been unable to set up the account you nominated for withdrawals. This could be for a few reasons ...

Your nominated account must be:

  • A UK current account or Nationwide savings account.
  • Held in your name (solely or jointly) and registered at your residential address.
  • Able to receive electronic payments.

Why might your nominated account have failed our check?

  • It’s fairly new and details of it are not yet registered with a credit reference agency.
  • You’ve recently moved home and changed the address associated with it.
  • You’ve changed your name and this hasn’t yet been updated on your account.
  • You're under the age of 18.
  • Your registered address is a British Forces Postal Office (BFPO) address.

What should you do now?

Use the details of a different nominated account, which can be any UK current account or Nationwide savings account as your nominated account for withdrawals. Once your savings account is open - you can take the details of the nominated account we’re having trouble with to your nearest Nationwide branch. You’ll need to bring along at least two proofs of your UK-based bank or building society account, that shows it belongs to you; it will need to include the:

  • Holder's name/s (joint or individual).
  • Holder's address for this nominated account e.g. Bank statement.
  • Sort code and account number.

These proofs could be:

  • A debit/cash card showing the account number and sort code.
  • A statement from the last 3 months showing all the account’s details.
  • Letter from a UK-based bank or building society detailing the account information.
  • Email from a UK-based bank or building society detailing the account information.
  • A chequebook or passbook associated with the account.

You can change your nominated account in the future at any time via the Internet Bank or in branch.