Published on: 3 August 2021

Housing crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has increased issues around the affordability, accessibility and sustainability of homes, according to our Future of Home report.

It found nearly two thirds (63%) of homeowners say the UK has a housing crisis, rising to 71% of private renters.

We worked with more than 50 organisations from across the housing sector to produce the report. It provides an insight into how our relationships with our homes have changed in the past 18 months.

Key findings of report

The report shows the need for a joint approach that ‘doesn’t just rely on the government for the answer’.

  • We need to modernise 2 homes a minute to ‘decarbonise’ our homes by 2050.
  • A third of Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) think older people living in large houses should downsize.
  • First time buyers in London are spending 51% of take-home pay on a mortgage.
  • 50% of homeowners say they have done nothing to improve their energy efficiency over the past 5 years.
  • Post-Covid, a quarter of renters are further from home-ownership.

Next steps

We didn’t want to stop there. More than 25 of the organisations involved in the report have come together to tackle the UK housing crisis by forming action groups.

These four groups will look at how we build more homes, the right homes and greener homes.

New homes and action group

Increasing the number of new homes. Ensuring they meet the needs of first time buyers, home movers and downsizers.

Green homes action group

Delivering solutions and policies to help people ‘green’ their homes. Building awareness of the problem, closing the skills gap and providing proper funding.

Rental action group

Creating a private rented sector that works for landlords and renters. Including better access to justice and a national register and reform of tenancy deposit.

Housing delivery action group

Speeding up the delivery of new homes.

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