Living with bereavement can be a challenging time. Our team are happy to talk it all through on the phone if anything isn't clear. And there are lots of charities and support organisations on hand to help you. You may also be able to get help with your finances. Find out about the available emotional and financial support.

What happens to the accounts the person held

This section will let you know some of the actions we’ll take on your accounts. Some of these will happen after you’ve sent us the death certificate, while others may require an account closure form. We’ll cover closing accounts later in step 3.

Move on to step 3

We've now covered what will happen to each of the accounts the person held as well as some services you can use for more information and advice.

Please move on to step 3 to find out about:

  • how to release money for expenses like the funeral and any debts they may have held
  • any taxes or benefits that may be relevant at this time
  • how to close their accounts.

Releasing money for expenses and closing accounts