The 2022 AGM

The results of the voting at Nationwide Building Society's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Thursday 14 July 2022, at Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, SN38 1NW are detailed below.

Ordinary resolutions

1. To receive the Directors’ Report, the Annual Accounts, the Annual Business Statement and the Auditors’ Report for the year ended 4 April 2022

  • For: 520,365 (98.99%)
  • Against: 5,292 (1.01%)
  • Votes withheld*: 4,037

2. To approve the Directors' Remuneration Report (excluding the Directors’ Remuneration Policy) for the financial year ended 4 April 2022

  • For: 491,513 (94.23%)
  • Against: 30,089 (5.77%)
  • Votes withheld*: 8,097

3. To approve the Directors' Remuneration Policy, the full text of which is contained in the Directors’ Remuneration Report for the financial year ended 4 April 2022

  • For: 487,138 (93.53%)
  • Against: 33,707 (6.47%)
  • Votes withheld*: 8,851

4. To re-appoint Ernst & Young LLP as Auditors until the end of the next AGM

  • For: 507,514 (97.01%)
  • Against: 15,649 (2.99%)
  • Votes withheld*: 6,516

5. To authorise the Society to apply a maximum ratio of the variable to fixed components of total remuneration for material risk takers of 2:1

  • For: 493,941 (95.45%)
  • Against: 23,534 (4.55%)
  • Votes withheld*: 12,208

The election or re-election of Directors

The results of the election or re-election of Directors of Nationwide Building Society are as follows:

The results of the voting in the election or re-election of Directors.
Candidate Votes for Votes against Votes withheld*
Debbie Crosbie 509,105 (97.28%) 14,215 (2.72%) 6,358
Alan Keir 504,785 (96.85%) 16,412 (3.15%) 8,506
Gillian Riley 509,201 (97.44%) 13,372 (2.56%) 7,111
Mai Fyfield 504,760 (96.62%) 17,644 (3.38%) 7,286
Albert Hitchcock 504,401 (96.73%) 17,040 (3.27%) 8,253
Debbie Klein 506,317 (96.91%) 16,118 (3.09%) 7,252
Kevin Parry 504,493 (96.70%) 17,231 (3.30%) 7,972
Tamara Rajah 506,090 (96.83%) 16,569 (3.17%) 7,027
Chris Rhodes 505,610 (96.91%) 16,133 (3.09%) 7,944
Phil Rivett 504,241 (96.73%) 17,059 (3.27%) 8,391
Gunn Waersted 503,655 (96.53%) 18,088 (3.47%) 7,953

Accordingly, all of the Directors standing for election or re-election were elected or re-elected.

*A ‘Vote Withheld’ is not a vote in law and will not be and has not been counted in the calculation of the proportion of votes ‘For’ and ‘Against’ the resolutions or candidates in the election or re-election of Directors.

This year, the Society held its first hybrid AGM with members able to attend in person at Nationwide House, and able to fully participate online, including voting and asking questions by video or text. Members were able to submit questions in advance of the meeting by email and post. The Society also held a virtual live Member TalkBack with Board directors and members of the Nationwide Leadership Team on Thursday 7 July 2022 where members could also ask questions.

Kevin Parry, Society Chairman, said:

“Our AGM is members’ opportunity to have their say on the way the Society is run and to vote on the people standing for election or re-election to the Society’s Board.

“The AGM remains an important day in our calendar. Despite the challenges of the second year of pandemic, we ended the year in a good place; financially strong, operationally resilient and committed to supporting our members to save, own their own homes and achieve financial security. Our members and colleagues have shown great fortitude and flexibility as we’ve navigated this unpredictable year together. Our Society remains strongly positioned for the future”.

Board changes

We are announcing the following principal Board changes that are effective today:

  • Tim Tookey retires from the Board after serving a seven-year term;
  • Alan Keir is appointed Risk Committee Chair (subject to regulatory approval); and
  • Debbie Klein takes on the role as Employee Voice designated non-executive director on an interim basis to cover Tamara Rajah’s maternity leave.