Our new look

We’ve modernised our logo and how we look.

As well as online, you’ll start to see our new look in the Banking app, across social media and in any letters or emails we send to you over the next few months. And nearly 70 of our branches have already been given a refresh.

You don’t need to do anything. Our new look will not impact any of the ways you usually bank with us.


We’re doing everything we can to reduce waste and to carry out our rebrand in an environmentally responsible way. Because of this, we’re using up existing stock of debit cards to reduce plastic waste. Newly branded stationery will start to replace existing stock over the coming weeks and months once old stock is used.

And our new cards are made up of 85.5% recycled plastic. We’re looking at getting this to 100% in the future.

Our branches

As we have over 600 branches, it will take some time to update them all. We’re aiming for all our branches to have our new look by the end of autumn 2024.

Our new cards and when to expect them

All our new cards have the details printed on the back, instead of the traditional raised embossing on the front. This makes them clearer to see and less visible to potential criminals.

Current account cards

Anyone opening a new current account after 16 October will get a new-look card. After this date we will also be replacing any lost, stolen or damaged cards with our new ones.

However, as we have quite a lot of cards with our old logo on them, we will be using these for card renewals. So, if your card has expired, you will be given one in the old design until the stock has run out.

Savings accounts cards

Our new-look cards will be available for savings customers in the next few months.

Credit cards

Our new credit cards will be available from early November.

Digital cards

If you’re already using your current account in a digital wallet you’ll still see the old design.

To update to the new design, simply remove your existing card from the app and add it back in again. You will need to reauthenticate the card. But once you have, the new design will appear.

Anyone that adds their card into the apps moving forwards will see the new design. This will happen even if your physical current account card is in the old design.

Card readers

We will not be updating our card readers at this time. Ones with our old logo will continue to work and be sent out to customers that need them.


You can continue to use your existing chequebook. Cheques will still be valid with the old logo on them.

Replacement books will be issued in the same way as they are today. You don’t need to do anything.

Our existing chequebook stock will be used up before we start issuing the new ones to reduce waste.

How to recognise a legitimate message from us

If you’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be from Nationwide, there are ways to help you work out if it’s us or not.

The most important thing to remember is that we will never make you feel pressured to do anything. And we won’t try and stop you from checking who you’re speaking to.

We’ll never ask you to

  • Disclose security details, like your PIN, or one-off card reader code over the phone
  • Log directly into the Internet Bank via a link in an email, text or social media message
  • Transfer money into a safe account
  • Use, re-enable or re-sync your card reader over the phone

We’ll always

  • Include the last 4 digits of your card number if we text you regarding a suspicious transaction

Still not sure? Stop what you’re doing and get in touch with us immediately to check if it’s legitimate. All our new cards will still have our number on them. And we’ll be happy to ease your concerns.