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Want to find out more about RSS?

See below for all the info you need to explain what RSS is and why you might find it useful.

RSS - Frequently asked questions

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' and it is a technology that allows you to keep abreast of news offered by many different sources, including Nationwide.

You can use a dedicated news reader that lets you manage a number of news feeds. When one of the news feeds that you are subscribed to is updated, you can choose to read a summary of that news update in the news reader or, if you want to read in full (or in context of the web page) you can click through to the web page for that site.

Not necessarily. If you do not want to download new software, you can use a web-based service to manage your news feeds.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 (or above), Firefox or the Safari (on Mac OS 10.4 'Tiger'), you can manage RSS feeds directly within the browser.

Versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 7 do not support RSS feeds within the browser but you may use a plug-in such as Feed Scout or Lektora.

How can I add Nationwide's news feed?

If a news feed is available for a web site, the feed icon will change from grey to orange, as indicated below - clicking on that icon will let you save the news feed: 

Screenshot of RSS news feed icon

If a news feed is available, you will see the RSS icon appear in the address bar: 

Screenshot of the RSS news feed icon

Clicking on that icon reveals the feeds in the browser window: 

Screenshot of the RSS news feed list

If you are using Firefox, you will see the orange feed indicator at the bottom of the browser: 

Screenshot of the RSS feed icon

Click on orange icon, then choose 'Subscribe' - you will be asked to save the feed somewhere in your bookmarks.

Every news reader behaves slightly differently, so please refer to the instructions that come with your news reader. Essentially, though, you need to provide the address for a news feed and it'll take care of everything else for you. 

Isn't This Just for the Techies?

You may think so, but RSS is becoming more and more popular as a format for publishing information in this busy age that we live in. It may be a little while until RSS can be considered mainstream but BBC News and Reuters are two examples of big well-known news sites that are using it already.