The Nationwide story

It was hard for working-class people to buy homes of their own in 1884. Charles Cooper understood this – it inspired him to form a ‘mutual’ society where members could pool their money in order to help each other buy homes. This society became Nationwide Building Society, which over 130 years later is still owned by and run for the benefit of its 15 million members.

Building the Building Society – A poem by Jo Bell

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The story of how we can achieve more together than we can alone.

From the 1800s to today

Take a look at the history of Nationwide and how Charles Cooper helped people to buy homes of their own.

The story of Nationwide

Our first mortgage customer

How we helped Alfred Idle to buy his first home – and how he continued to support our society.

The story of Alfred Idle

Becoming a Nationwide member today

If you take out a current account, mortgage or savings account with us, you don’t just become one of our customers. You become one of our members.

Building societies like Nationwide were set up by people coming together so that they could borrow to buy their own homes and have a safe place to save.

Our sole purpose was to do the right thing for our members. And it still is.

So today we prioritise and invest in the things that really matter to you. Like the service we provide and the value our products offer. Like helping as many people buy their own homes as we can. Like the support we offer your communities.

As a member, you’ll be part of that.

Our members have a voice

Whether through our member talkbacks, Annual General Meeting or as part of our TV ads, we get to understand what matters to you.

Your house – by Erin Bolens

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We all drew houses when we were kids – imagining the homes we’d live in when we were all grown up. Erin Bolens talks about her dream of owning a home one day.

Our place – by Laurie Bolger

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Sharing is a wonderful thing. But when it comes to sharing a home with your mates, you dream of moving on. Laurie Bolger imagines life with her partner in a home of their own.

This place is ours – by Matt Abbott

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Mum’s Sunday roasts. Dads dancing to dad bands. No matter how happy our memories of home, we all want a chance to make our own. Matt Abbott paints a picture of what home means to him.

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