Online service unavailable? We’ll text you as soon as it’s back online

We try our best to avoid service breaks but unfortunately this isn’t always possible. To minimise customer inconvenience we’re introducing Notify me, a free-to-subscribe text message service that lets you know when online services are back up and running.

How to register for Notify me

Simply click the Notify me button on our Service Status page during a service outage and fill in your details.

Receiving text alerts

Once you’ve registered your details, you’ll receive a text message confirming your registration. We’ll then let you know when normal service has resumed following a service break or to tell you about updates. Please note, you will only receive texts from ‘Nationwide’ and we’ll never supply any links within the texts.

What time will I receive a Notify me text?

We’ll text you as soon as normal service resumes. It's worth noting that this could be at any time, day or night.

Once registered can I de-register?

No, you cannot de-register for Notify me, but the registration applies only to the current ongoing outage. If you want notifications in the future you'll need to register again; you won't receive them automatically.

How will my information be used?

Your information won’t be used for marketing purposes, and the updates you receive will only be specific to the issue you’ve registered for.