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What you'll get with Digital Banking

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  • Safe, secure banking

    We continuously take steps to protect your money, our priority is keeping you safe and secure online.

  • Bank how you want, where you want Always be in the know. Get up-to-date balances, savings rates and see what's going with your money.
  • Access to new and improved features

    We've designed our bank from the ground up to meet your needs, shaping how you bank digitally.  

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Mobile app

  • Secure banking with fingerprint login
  • Get a 'Quick Balance' without logging in
  • Make fast simple payments to  your existing payees

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Internet Bank

  • All your accounts in one place 
  • Manage your bills and money transfers online
  • Get alerts if your balance is low – or if you're waiting for a large payment

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  • Easy to set up 
  • View your balance quickly and on the move
  • See your current account, savings, mortgage, credit card and loan balance

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