Download the Nationwide Banking app

To get started simply download the app, open it on your mobile or tablet and the app will guide you through set up. It's fast, easy and you'll get access to your accounts straight away.

You'll need a few details:

  • Your account number and sort code for one of your accounts
    (you'll be able to see all your accounts once you're set up)
  • Your name, address and contact details
    (these need to match the details we hold for you)

That's it!

Easier doesn't have to mean less secure. Our Banking app is just as safe as our Internet Bank.

Security-wise, there’s very little difference between our Internet Bank and Banking app but you don’t necessarily need your security details to log in with the app. Why? Because your phone’s fingerprint or face scanner technology can identify you so accurately, we don't need anything else to log you in.

Banking app security features:

  • Log in with your fingerprint or using Face ID (on compatible devices).
  • Automatic log out in case you forget, or leave your phone somewhere.
  • The same encryption technology as our Internet Bank, to keep your information secure.
  • Text alerts, so you're up to date with the activity on your account.
  • You’re covered by our Digital Banking Promise which protects you from fraud.

We’re sure it’s safe
The only way fraudsters can get into your online account is by getting hold of the details you use to log in. Nationwide will never ask you to tell us your internet banking details, use your card reader, or move money to another account.

Pay someone, check your balance, move money around - all the things you'd expect, plus some extra app-only features to make your banking a breeze.

When it comes to managing your money, there’s not much you can’t do in the Banking app. It’s a bit like a pocket-sized Internet Bank, with its own app-only features to make it even easier to bank on the go.

Banking app-only features (you don't get these with our Internet Bank):

  • Log in with your fingerprint - log in quickly and securely with your phone's fingerprint ID technology, or FaceID on compatible devices.
  • Freeze and unfreeze your debit card - Can't find your card? Freeze it so it can't be used. Found it in your other pocket? Unfreeze it and it's ready to use it again. To freeze and unfreeze your card, go to 'Lost and Stolen cards' in the menu.
  • Savings goals - set up a separate pot within your account view to reach your goal, with a little help from us to tell you how much you need to save and when.
  • Impulse Saver - The antidote to an impulse buy – choose an amount (say £20) and move it from your Nationwide current account to your Nationwide savings account at any time in two taps, without logging in.
    Find it on the app log in screen.

Here's what you can do:

  • Quickly pay bills and transfer money, even to new payees (using a card reader).
  • Move money between your different accounts.
  • Set up and manage standing orders.
  • Search your transaction history for specific payments in or out of your account.
  • See pending transactions for your current account – money spent, that’s not yet showing in your balance.
  • Transfer a balance from another card to your Nationwide credit card.
  • Apply for an overdraft on your current account.
  • Apply for another Nationwide product.
  • Go paperless, or update your email address, phone number, passnumber and other details.
  • Report a debit or credit card lost or stolen.

Want to know how?

And here's what you can't do:
You'll need to use the Internet Bank if you want to:

  • Change payee references.
  • Send an international payment.
  • Download your statement.
  • Contact us using the 'secure message' function within the Internet Bank.

Stuck logging in? Not sure how to do something? We're constantly updating our app to make it better for our members. If you're having trouble, we hope you'll find the answer here.

Need help logging in?
If you can’t remember your security details to log in, you can reset them in the Internet Bank using your card reader. Or you can re-register which only takes around 5 minutes and can get you back online straight away.

If you try to log in and nothing seems to be happening, there could be a problem that we’re working to resolve. Check our service availability page to see if there’s a problem.

Lost or stolen mobile or tablet?
If your device has been stolen, be sure to report it to the police straight away. The app will automatically log you out after a few minutes, so no matter if your device has been lost or stolen, no one should be able to access your accounts.

If you’re concerned that someone may have your security details and your device, you can call us on 0800 30 20 11 to deactivate online banking. You’ll still be able to access your accounts in branch or over the phone.

It’s best to report your phone lost or stolen to your provider too so that they can block it. With some phones, you can remotely wipe them to protect your photos and information.

Not sure how to do something in the app?
You'll find our top 3, most popular 'how to demos' below. If they're not what you need, try our demo site for our full suite of how to demos - you'll find everything from how to set up a savings goal, to how to manage your overdraft.

How to log in and view transactions in the app

Banking app demo screen

How to report a lost or stolen card in the app

Banking app demo screen

How to pay a new person or company

Banking app demo screen

To use our Banking app your device must be compatible, running Android 5.0 or higher*, or Apple iOS 11 or higher*. Available on selected devices only. 

Facial Recognition is supported by compatible Apple and Google devices. Apple and FaceID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. GooglePlay is a trademark of Google LLC.

*Beta versions of operating systems are not supported.