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Internet Bank recent improvements

We want to keep improving our products and services so we can be sure you're receiving the best customer service. This is where your feedback really does help because without it, we won't know what works for you and what doesn't. We've been able to make some great changes following your feedback, here's what we've done.

Improved easy to read menu for Manage my details & settings ... 

Next time you go online, take a look at the improved 'manage my details and settings'. It now appears in one big easy to read menu so the simple tasks like changing your name, email or home address have just got easier.

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Savings account interest rates are now available ...

We've made changes so you can now see all your savings interest rates online. If your rate changes, we automatically update your accounts for you so you always know exactly how much interest you’re earning. Just log in and view your savings accounts to see your current interest rate at the bottom of the page.

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Make your suggestion

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We’re always looking to improve our service. Give us your suggestions, and see what others think.

You can now view your Personal Loan online ...

We've listened to your feedback and improved our Internet Bank by including Personal Loans on the account summary page, making it easier for you to view your loan. You can now:

  • Access your loan details from the accounts summary page
  • View your balance any time, just by logging in
  • Make overpayments more easily, using the Quick Transfer feature

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Helping you make the most of your tax free savings ...

You can now keep track of how much you've paid into your Nationwide cash ISA accounts online. Simply log in to your internet bank and view your cash ISA account to see your total payments this tax year at the bottom of the page.

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Unused ISA allowance ...

If you're a cash ISA customer, you'll be pleased to hear that we've now introduced a "remaining cash ISA allowance" feature on the Internet Bank to show you how much more you could save tax-free in your cash ISA each year. 

Log in to the Internet Bank select to view your cash ISA and you can see this at the bottom of the page along with your total cash ISA contributions this tax year.

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Letting us know you're on holiday has improved ... 

If you're a credit card or current account customer you can let us know when you're going abroad - helping reduce the chance of your card being restricted while you're away. You can tell us up to 12 months before you travel overseas.

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To make sure we offer our members the service they want, each month we ask 10,000 of you to tell us how we're doing.

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