FlexOne - Debit card or cash card?

So you’ve got your FlexOne Account and either a FlexOne cash card or a FlexOne Visa debit card.

Both can be used at cash machines. Simply insert your card, and if no one’s looking, type in your PIN (Personal Identification Number), a secret four digit password that keeps your account secure.

So, what’s the difference between a cash card and a debit card? Well, cash cards are for getting money out of cash machines. But with a debit card, you can also pay in shops using chip and pin, online, over the phone and even on the go using contactless payment.
All these different methods of payment take money directly from your account. But a FlexOne account, only usually allows you to spend, whatever money is in your account.

And because this is your money, you need to keep it secure. You see, your card stores important information about your account on a special metal chip. So keep it safe! Your PIN is secret! So keep it that way, especially when using a cash machine.

Only use your card at places that you trust. Is the cash machine damaged, or has it been messed around with? Don’t use it. Worried about a website? Don’t use it. Unsure about a shop? Don’t use it. It all helps to keep your account safe & secure.

And if you’re under 17 and a half you can switch your card, so your FlexOne Account can change, as you change.