Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel insurance

Travel Insurance cover may be restricted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Read our FAQs and monitor government advice before travelling or booking a new trip.

Find out if your trip is covered

Before you go away

Don't call us to say you're going abroad

There’s no need – our fraud detection systems keep an eye on your accounts while you’re overseas, just like they do in the UK. If we spot a transaction we’re unsure about, we’ll call or text you straightaway.

Make sure we've got your mobile number

We need an up-to-date number for you so we can call or text you while you're away – say, if your card is blocked because of suspicious activity. To update your mobile number, log in to our Internet Bank.

Use your card's Chip and PIN before travelling

Check your balance in a cash machine or buy something using Chip and PIN at an air or sea port. This lets our systems know you’re about to travel. Just note we may still contact you about transactions abroad.

What if your cards stop working

Don’t worry – we’ll be there to get everything back to normal. We’ll usually call or text you on the mobile number you’ve given us to check if it was you who made the transaction that blocked your card. If you miss our call, don’t worry – we’ll always give you a number to call back on. Answer some security questions, and we’ll get your cards working again.

Buying travel insurance? You may already be covered

If you're a FlexPlus or FlexAccount customer, you may already have travel insurance. Just take a moment to check you're covered before heading off.

FlexAccount (existing policy holders only)

FlexAccount members who applied for travel insurance before 15 December 2016 will have access to free European travel cover. 

Top money tips, while you're away

Discover the cheapest way to withdraw money and pay for things while you're abroad.


Find out if you can use your cards to withdraw cash abroad, and daily limits.


Some cards cost more to use abroad. Check fees and charges before you travel.


Should you use sterling when paying for things abroad, and other travel FAQs.

Please note: We don’t sell travel money or dispense foreign currency at our ATMs. Check our fees and charges page for information about using your Nationwide cards abroad.

Remember, we're never far away

Going abroad? All the emergency numbers you need are in the travel section on our contact page – just in case.

Which Nationwide products give you access to travel benefits?


FlexPlus comes with worldwide family travel insurance. You’ll also pay no transaction fees when you use your card to withdraw cash or make payments abroad. All for just £13 a month.

Member Credit Card image

Our Member Credit Card comes with commission-free purchases when you're abroad, and two great introductory offers to choose from.

19.9% APR representative (variable).


If you applied for your FlexAccount current account before 15 December 2016, the FlexAccount gives you access to free European travel insurance. Check if you're eligible.