If you believe you have a lost or forgotten an account with us then please complete and submit the simple online form below and we'll do the rest. This service is free of charge and can also be used to track down funds of deceased relatives or clients, provided you are legally empowered to act for that person - for example, under Power of Attorney.

Lost or forgotten accounts online form

Please remember if you have money in a lost or forgotten account, it will always be your property no matter how many years pass.

Nationwide's participation in the Unclaimed Assets Scheme

Nationwide is proud to support the British Bankers Association (BBA) and the Building Societies Association (BSA) on working to close inactive accounts, and re-unite customers with unclaimed funds.

Nationwide will work to ensure any account balances and account holders are reconciled as part of the regular working relationship between the Society and its customers. Regular contact is maintained through correspondence, and if for any reason an account becomes dormant, rules exist detailing the rights of both account holder and the Society.

We have active processes in place which enable you to contact us at any time with regards to accounts which you think might be lost. We are also members of the central 'MyLostAccount' tracing scheme run by the British Banker's Association, the Building Societies Association and the National Savings & Investments.

Despite all of the above efforts, some accounts still become dormant. We have therefore agreed to participate in the government-backed unclaimed assets scheme. Under the scheme, accounts which have been inactive for 15 years or more are eligible to be transferred to a central reclaim fund. That fund has responsibility for retaining sufficient monies to meet the cost of future reclaims, and to transfer any surplus to the Big Lottery Fund, for the benefit of good causes which have social or environmental purposes.

In the case of savings accounts and bonds the 15 year dormancy period will only begin once any fixed period for which withdrawals are prevented or attract a penalty has been completed. This includes Child Trust Funds. Accounts where the account holder has instructed the bank that they do not wish to receive mail are excluded from the scheme.

Customers will retain the right to reclaim their monies at any time if it has been paid over to the central reclaim fund. Nationwide will therefore retain customer records for dormant accounts and ensure that accounts are fully reinstated, including any interest due. Your membership rights are not affected by our involvement in this scheme.