A 10-digit number is not always the easiest thing to remember, especially when you cannot change it to something more recognisable. To help you overcome this problem we provide customers with an optional customer number cookie.

A cookie is a small piece of data sent by our computer to yours so that information can be recalled; in this case your customer number.

When you are logging in to Internet banking with us, you will see an option asking whether or not you want to install a cookie to remember your customer number. If you request 'Please remember my customer number', a cookie will be stored on the computer you are using and your customer number will be inserted automatically each time you log in to the Internet Bank.

The cookie will store your customer number only and nothing else. It has no other purpose. If you do not want to accept the cookie your customer number will not be stored and each time you log in you will be asked to type in your customer number.

We recommend that the cookie is used on your personal computer only.

If you save your temporary customer number as a cookie, please replace it with your new customer number when we send it to you.