Occasionally the Visa network can be down or the shops device fails to work correctly. This is usually temporary. Try the shop again later or use another ATM/shop. We advise you to keep a record of all attempts to purchase or withdraw cash and then check this against your statement. Other problems that can occur have been listed below:

The ATM didn't accept my card 

Visa logo

Look out for the Visa logo, ATMs that do not show this will not provide the Visa card service.

If your card is being rejected, please call us.

The ATM didn't dispense my cash

The ATM's cash may be low - When this happens, it restricts the amount of money it can issue. Try asking for a smaller amount or using a different ATM.

Check that you haven't exceeded the daily withdrawal limit for your account.

The ATM has retained my card

Nationwide ATMs - Please report it to any of our branch staff as soon as possible. If we can't release your card we will need to order you a new one.

Other ATMs - Cards retained by non Nationwide cash machine will need replacing. Please call us to arrange a new card.