The following accounts are not available online:

  • Business accounts
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Discontinued personal accounts
  • Investment and Protection products
  • Insurance products e.g. travel insurance

If you have a current account, mortgage, credit card, or personal savings account which are not listed in the 'Overview of accounts', please review the following:

New accounts can take up to five working days to show online and in some cases, we need further paperwork before we can fully open the account.

When the account has been fully opened we'll send you a confirmation letter by post. Once you have received this, you will be able to view your account online. Please keep your confirmation letter safe as it includes your account number.

It can take up to 24 hours for your current account information to show on the Internet Bank and the Banking app.

Each account holder should have their own log in details.

Your log in details include a customer number, passnumber and piece of memorable data. If you share these details, you won't be able to view accounts held in your sole name.

If you have both registered for Internet Banking but forgotten/lost your:

Memorable data / passnumber - You can still log in using your customer number and card reader. If you don't have a card reader or don't want to log in with your card reader, you'll need to re-register for Internet Banking.

Customer number - Please contact us and we can remind you.

It can take up to seven days to receive your log in details. If you do re-register, please do not attempt to log in until you have received your new sign on / log in details as this will invalidate the new details.

Our credit card account is not a joint account and there can only be one primary card holder. Additional cards can be ordered but the account is run and managed by the customer who opened the account.

This means they are responsible for the account and any debit incurred, and only they can view the account online

Do we have the correct address for you?

If we don't and your mail is returned to us, for your security, we block your account. This can sometimes lead to accounts being removed from the Internet Bank. If you want to check the personal details we hold for you, please click on this link check/update my details.

If you've recently received a new or replacement card / passbook, your account number will have been changed.

This means your old number will have been removed online, and any account descriptions associated with it will also have been removed.

Please check your online account to see if your missing account hasn't been mistaken for an account number change.

Please double check that the missing account hasn't simply been renamed.

If you've tried all of the above and still can't see your account, we'll look in to it for you. Please let us know by completing a missing accounts form which you can find online:

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank
  2. Select View accounts - tab located at the top of the page,
  3. Find Related services in the menu on the left side of the page, at the bottom
  4. Select Report missing accounts
  5. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions

You can only notify us of accounts held in your own name, or joint accounts on which you're a named holder. You can't submit someone else's private account details for use on the Internet Bank.