Re-registering for the Internet Bank

If you don't have a card reader, you'll need to register again for the Internet Bank. In most cases you'll be able to re-set your passnumber and memorable data straight away and get a reminder of your customer number.

Joint account holders

It's important that you both register your joint account separately and receive your own log in details, to view accounts held in your name. Your customer number and passnumber should never be shared. 


Once you re-register, if your registration details are being sent by post, you must not attempt to log in with your passnumber until you receive your new details. Re-registering cancels your existing passnumber so if you use it your account will be locked out, which will also invalidate the new details that are on the way to you in the post. 

Did you know you don't need to re-register if you have a card reader?

Card reader

There's no need to re-register if you have a card reader. You don't need your passnumber to log in, just your PIN.