The following terms and conditions apply to the SavingsWatch service:

  1. The SavingsWatch service will allow you to receive notifications as described below about: i) new products ii) changes to existing products; and iii) interest rate changes. The notifications are intended to keep you informed about our products to help you identify opportunities to make the most of your savings and to enable you to make decisions about your savings’ needs.
  2. To subscribe to SavingsWatch you must be 16 years old or over and hold a Nationwide savings account.
  3. To subscribe to SavingsWatch you must provide a valid email address and you must tell us straight away if you change your email address.
  4. You will receive a SavingsWatch notification in respect of new products and/or changes to existing products when we:
    • launch a new product which we consider to be materially different to and offers advantages over any existing product in our range (e.g. a new product with different types of access from those currently available or a new product with a completely different name to existing products);
    • make a positive change to an existing product that you may be able to take advantage of (e.g. where we introduce a new issue of an existing product with an increased rate).
  5. This means that you may not receive a notification if we make disadvantageous changes to an existing product in our range that you do not hold (e.g. we introduce a new issue of an existing product with a lower interest rate).
  6. SavingsWatch notifications about new products and changes to existing products will be sent by email only.
  1. SavingsWatch notifications about interest rate changes are intended to supplement any notifications you may receive under the terms of your savings products held with us (e.g. you may receive a SavingsWatch notification where you may not have been provided with personal notification of an interest rate change).
  2. SavingsWatch notifications about interest rate changes will be sent by either SMS or email depending on the communication preference for interest rate notifications that you have made.
  3. SavingsWatch notifications will not be provided on any club, charity or organisation accounts.
  4. If you choose to receive SavingsWatch notifications about interest rate changes by SMS you must provide your mobile telephone number and you must tell us straight away if you change your mobile telephone number.
  5. Subject to condition 9 above, SavingsWatch notifications about interest rate changes will be sent in respect of each applicable account that you hold.
  6. SavingsWatch notifications will not be provided for interest rate changes to your Nationwide savings account where the change in interest rate is caused by an increase or decrease in your account balance.
  7. By subscribing to the SavingsWatch service, you consent to receiving marketing communications relating to SavingsWatch by email,SMS and by other electronic means. Please contact us by calling 0800 30 20 10 if you do not wish your contact details to be used by us to send you marketing communications relating to SavingsWatch. However, this would mean that we would be unable to provide the SavingsWatch service to you.
  8. You can check your personal details and change them or your contact preference for notifications about interest rate changes when required using "Manage my details and settings" by logging onto the Internet Bank, visiting your local branch or by contacting us by telephone on 0800 30 20 11.
  9. We shall have no liability if you are unable to receive SavingsWatch notifications because of the failure of any machine, data processing system or transmission link or anything else beyond our, or our agents, reasonable control.
  10. If you close your Nationwide savings account, or if your product matures, you will no longer receive SavingsWatch notifications regarding that account and if such closure results in you no longer holding a Nationwide savings account then you will no longer receive the SavingsWatch service. If you subsequently open an eligible savings account you can then re-register for the SavingsWatch service.
  11. We reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time and shall have no liability to you if we do withdraw this service or if for any reason you do not receive a SavingsWatch notification. Where possible we will give you prior notice of such withdrawal.
  12. If you are a joint Nationwide savings account holder, only the account holder who has subscribed to SavingsWatch will receive SavingsWatch notifications.
  13. If both joint savings account holders subscribe to SavingsWatch, both account holders will receive SavingsWatch notifications by email or SMS according to their chosen method of notifications.
  14. If you hold a joint email address SavingsWatch notifications will be addressed to the individual who has subscribed to SavingsWatch.
  15. We may make changes to these conditions. If the change is to your disadvantage we will tell you by email at least 7 days before we make the change. We may make any other change immediately and tell you about it by either email or by putting a notice in our branches and/or on the website or an advertisement in the press.
  16. We have a complaints procedure and for more information, or to make a complaint, please:
    • visit our website and click on the option 'contact us'
    • phone 0800 302011
    • visit one of our branches.

    If you are not satisfied with the way we have dealt with your complaint you may refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You can also refer your complaint to them first without giving us the opportunity to resolve it, but if you do this, they will only consider your complaint with our consent. The Financial Ombudsman Service provides a free, independent, complaint resolution service. Details about their service and how to refer a complaint to them can be found on their website at