IMPORTANT: Our Savings General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions that apply specifically to this product are changing. The changes will apply from 1 May 2018. Please follow the relevant terms and conditions links on this page to see a summary of the changes.

These terms and conditions set out important information about the Flexclusive Regular Saver 2 account. They're in addition to our Savings General Terms and Conditions which also apply. Together, both form the legal agreement between you and us. If anything in these additional terms and conditions is inconsistent with the Savings General terms and conditions, the wording in these additional terms and conditions will apply.

You can ask us for a copy of the terms and conditions at any time by contacting us in branch or downloading a copy from our website at

Account Holding and Eligibility

  1. The account is for individuals aged 18 or over who meet one of the following two criteria:
    1. Hold a FlexOne, FlexStudent, FlexDirect or FlexPlus account


    2. Hold a FlexAccount and:
      • have been paying in £750+ a month for the last 3 months (excluding transfers from any Nationwide account held by you or anyone else); or
      • completed an account switch to us (from a non-Nationwide account) using our Current Account Switch Team in the last 4 months.
  2. The account can have a maximum of two joint account holders. Only one account holder must meet the opening eligibility criteria.
  3. You can only be the first named account holder of one Regular Saver, Flexclusive Regular Saver or Flexclusive Regular Saver 2 account at any one time, which can be held in sole or joint names.
  4. If you no longer meet the eligibility criteria we may transfer the account to another instant access savings account and the terms and conditions of that account will apply and we'll contact you when we do this.
  5. The account can be opened in trust, providing the account beneficiary meets the above account eligibility criteria.
  6. The term of the account is fixed for 12 months from the date of opening. After that fixed period, your funds will be transferred into a Flexclusive Saver account, or if not available the nearest equivalent instant access savings account. The terms and conditions and the interest rate applicable to that account, at that time, will apply.

Minimum and Maximum Balance

  1. The minimum balance in the account is £1.
  2. The maximum initial deposit in the account is £250.
  3. Money can be paid into your account at any time but the increase in your balance can't exceed £250 at any time during a month. Interest paid into the account doesn't count towards the monthly increase in balance.

For example:

Further details on account balances on first day of the month for Flexclusive Regular Saver
Account balance on first day of the month is £1,000
Example 1

£250 deposited on third day of the month

Mid-month: attempt to deposit a further £200

£200 deposit rejected

Example 2

£250 deposited on third day of the month

Mid-month: withdraw £200

Second from last day of the month: deposit £200

Payment accepted

  1. If any amount you pay in would increase the balance in your account by more than £250 in that month the whole amount of that payment will be rejected. Any rejected automated payments will be returned to the originating account.


  1. The interest rate payable on the account is variable.
  2. Interest is calculated daily and paid annually on anniversary of account opening and on closure of the account.
  3. Interest can be paid into the account, a Nationwide current or savings account (subject to the terms and conditions of that receiving account), or a current account with another building society or bank.
  4. We'll calculate interest on each whole pound in the account.

Taking Money Out

  1. You can take money out of your account at any time without giving notice or losing any interest. You can't take out more than the balance available on the account.
  2. You can’t make payments into this account by CHAPS or SWIFT, nor can payments out of this account be made by SWIFT. You can make payments out of this account by CHAPS.


  1. Statements won’t be issued automatically for this account. If required they can be found online in the Internet Bank or can be requested in branch.