IMPORTANT: Our Savings General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions that apply specifically to this product are changing. The changes will apply from 1 May 2018. Please follow the relevant terms and conditions links on this page to see a summary of the changes.

In addition to the Savings General Terms and Conditions, the following conditions apply to CashBuilder. If there is a conflict between the general conditions and these CashBuilder conditions, the CashBuilder conditions will take priority.

  1. The minimum initial deposit is £100 and the minimum balance is £1.
  2. The maximum deposit and balance in the account is £5 million.
  3. The account offers a passbook or card option.


  1. Interest is paid to the account on 31 December each year or it can be paid directly to a Nationwide savings account (excluding Regular Savings) or a current account with us or any other provider.

The following conditions apply to cashbuilder passbook accounts only:

  1. The passbook account can have a maximum of four joint account holders.
  2. The passbook account is only available to those aged 7 and over.

The following conditions apply to Cashbuilder card accounts only:

  1. The card account can have a maximum of two joint account holders.
  2. The card account is only available to those aged 11 and over.
  3. If you make a transaction a statement will be sent to you in that quarter.
  4. If you want to request a mini statement or make a balance enquiry, you can only do this at a cash machine (mini statements are available from Nationwide cash machines only) or by using our Internet Bank service or Telephone Banking, for which you must be registered. For further information on registering for these services please see or contact your branch. Requests for mini statements and balance enquiries cannot be made at a Nationwide branch counter.
  5. Limits apply to the amount you can withdraw at a cash machine or a Nationwide branch counter and the amount you can withdraw from your account each day. Please see or contact your branch for more information on these limits. If you wish to make a withdrawal from your account and your balance is less than the minimum cash withdrawal limit for your account, you can transfer the funds into an alternative account via the Internet Banking Site or Telephone Banking, provided you are registered to use these services, or you will need to withdraw the whole balance and close your account.
  6. Nationwide's No Penalty Transfer Policy applies to this account. This means if we discontinue this account and introduce a new account that replaces it, we will write and let you know.​