A Section 975 tax certificate is a written statement showing the interest earned and tax paid on an account. In most cases HM Revenue & Customs no longer require individuals to submit a written tax certificate. The information required can be obtained on your Annual Summary Statement which you receive each year for certain accounts.

From the tax year 2016/17 onwards, Nationwide will replace Section 975 certificates with Interest Certificates. We will no longer automatically issue these annually. Instead we will only issue the new Interest Certificate on request.

If you need an Interest Certificate, or a Section 975 certificate for a previous tax year, you can request it in branch, through the Internet Bank or by calling 0800 30 20 11.

Viewing tax paid online

To view the interest and tax paid on your open accounts (excluding MySave), please log in to the Internet Bank and: 

  • Select View accounts - tab located at the top of the page
  • Select Interest and tax paid - from the related services area on the left hand side.

If you require a physical certificate you can request this by following the instructions below. You can order up to six years worth of certificates.

Request a section 975 certificate online

To request a Section 975 certificate or opt in and receive annual certificates, please log in to the Internet Bank and:

  • Select View accounts - tab located at the top of the page
  • Select your account
  • Select Other account services - from the View accounts menu on the left side of the page
  • Find Tax and interest
  • Select the link Request a Section 975 certificate
  • Continue to follow the on screen instructions*

*Look out for the check box to ask for a certificate every year. This is shown underneath the drop down list, when selecting your dates.