Interest Certificate

Interest Certificates can be provided for certain accounts on request, detailing how much interest has been earned on the account.

If you need an Interest Certificate, or a Section 975 (S975) certificate for a previous tax year (2015/16 or earlier will be a S975), you can request it in branch, or through the Internet Bank (see ‘Other account services’ and ‘View interest and tax paid’).

Viewing tax paid online

To view the interest and tax paid on your open accounts, please log in to our Internet Bank and:

  • Select 'View accounts' - tab located at the top of the page.
  • Select 'Interest and tax paid' - from the ‘Related Services’ area on the left- hand side.

If you require a physical certificate you can request this by following the instructions below. You can order up to six years’ worth of certificates. Where a certificate is requested for earlier tax years 2015/16 or prior, a S975 certificate will be provided.

Request an interest/S975 certificate online

To request an interest certificate or S975 certificate (tax years 2015/16 or earlier) please log in to the Internet Bank and:

  • Select 'View accounts' - tab located at the top of the page
  • Select your account
  • Select ‘Other account services’ - from the ‘View accounts’ menu on the left side of the page
  • Find 'Interest'
  • Select the link 'Request an interest certificate'
  • Select the relevant tax year
  • Select ‘Request certificate’.

You can also request an interest certificate for closed accounts, you will need the closed account number to be able to complete this request.