On your side

Our only focus is you. That means doing all we can to look after you, treat you fairly and give you great value. As an open and transparent savings provider, we aim to keep you fully informed, so you can make the best decisions about your savings. Our seven promises to savers are designed to help you make the most of your savings.

Come and see us for a free Savings Review

As part of our Savings Promises, you can have a free review of your savings in any of our branches. Our colleagues are on hand to talk through your options and help you decide which accounts best meet your needs.

Our seven promises to savers

  1. We won't offer 'brand new customer only' savings accounts.
  2. We'll reward existing savers with exclusive savings accounts (product eligibility criteria will apply).
  3. We guarantee our Fixed Rate ISA rates will match or beat our equivalent Bond rates.
  4. Earn interest on your Cash ISA as soon as we receive your transfer application, provided that your funds are free to move and not subject to any notice period.
  5. We offer a Rate Guarantee when you take another Fixed Rate Bond or Fixed Rate ISA – if our rate changes between the date we notify you of your options and your existing product maturity date, we'll give you the better rate as long as you get back to us by your maturity date.
  6. Every year we'll send you a personal savings summary* showing both the rate you're receiving and details of our range of savings accounts.
  7. We'll give you a free Savings Review to help you find out if you can get more from your savings.

*As long as you hold £100 or more in savings with us at the time we produce the annual Savings Promise Statement.
With effect from 1 May 2018, we will no longer send you a personal savings summary if you are under 16 years of age.

These are our Savings Promises which will form part of your Nationwide savings account terms and conditions.