Thanks to the latest video call technology discover banking, in high-definition

We’re making it easy for customers to get the financial help and advice they need, sooner.

For the first time on the high street, Nationwide NOW is giving our savers, home buyers and investors a direct high-definition video link to a whole team of Nationwide consultants and personal banking managers. So whether you’re applying for a mortgage or just need some banking and financial planning advice, you can search from hundreds of participating Nationwide branches – and pop into the one nearest you.

If you’ve never been in a video call before, don’t worry. It’s just like talking face-to-face with someone – the only difference is your consultant is in one of our centres in Northampton, Bournemouth or Dunfermline. Our branch team will also be on-hand to set everything up and get you started.

Because we’re also using the very latest video call technology, there are no sound or video delays either. Plus, if you have documents or an application form to give us, these can be easily transferred using our scanners and printers. It’s really easy. In fact, since launching earlier this year, Nationwide NOW has already helped thousands of our members – with 99% of them rating the service they received as “good” or “excellent.”

Right now, 400 branches around the UK are offering Nationwide NOW, and this will rise to 500 by the end of 2016.

You can make an appointment with a NOW consultant before arriving at the branch or, in most cases, you’ll be able to speak with someone almost immediately. That means less time waiting around to put your financial plans in motion – and more time getting on with things and enjoying life.

Introducing Nationwide NOW

Introducing Nationwide NOW