What is cheque imaging?

Cheque imaging is when we create digital images of cheques so we can process and clear them faster and more securely.

This means money from cheques you pay into your account is available to spend more quickly. It also means money from cheques you write leaves your account much faster.

What you need to know

  • Cheque imaging is safe, secure and adds an extra layer of protection against fraud
  • The way you write and deposit cheques stays the same
  • Cheques will clear into (or out of) your account by 23:59 the next working day if deposited between Monday and Friday.

When is this happening?

We’ll be bringing in the changes in two stages:

Stage 1

From 30 October 2017, we’ll accept images of cheques sent to us by other banks. Cheques you write, which are paid into a bank or building society using cheque imaging, will be taken from your account by 23:59 on the next working day (if deposited between Monday and Friday).

As this is much faster than the current timescale, you must make sure you don’t write cheques unless you have sufficient money in your account.

Stage 2

From spring 2018, we’ll start putting cheque imaging scanners in our branches. We’ll use this technology to create digital images of any cheques you pay into your account. You’ll be able to withdraw money from those cheques by 23:59 on the next working day (if the cheque is deposited between Monday and Friday).

We'll also be making cheque imaging scanners available to other areas of the Society.

What does this mean?

Between 30 October and spring 2018, you may find some cheques clear faster using the new process. We expect the majority of cheques will continue to clear using the current paper-based process until at least spring 2018.

Use our Cheque Clearance Calculator

The move to cheque imaging also means that if you use our free text alerts service on your current account, your account balance will include cheques cleared using the new process from 30 October onwards.

How to tell if your branch is using cheque imaging

We’ll put up signs in each branch as cheque imaging becomes available. You’ll notice our cashiers putting your cheques through a small scanner as you deposit them – and cash machines that accept deposits will also be fitted with cheque imaging scanners.

What do you need to do?

Absolutely nothing. Just write and pay in cheques in the same way as you always have.

Worried cheque imaging may affect you financially?

If you feel you'll struggle financially because of cheques clearing more quickly, we're here to help. The sooner you talk to us, the quicker our experienced teams can help find the right solution for you.

Call us on 0800 464 30 30 or talk to us at your nearest Nationwide branch.

Want a faster way to pay?

We offer our members a range of payment services. You can find out more about these in our handy Ways to Pay section, or by popping in to your nearest Nationwide branch.