In response to the Government’s green paper on Charitable Giving, the LINK ATM network has launched a new service that allows card holders to make donations to charity at LINK ATMs.

This service began in May 2012 with a few banks, building societies and independent ATM owners offering the option at their ATMs and participation will gradually increase over the coming months.

The cards which allow charitable donations

The following cards will provide the service at participating ATMs:

    • Nationwide debit cards

    The selection of charities you can make a donation to will be selected by the ATM owner and may differ between machines and organisations.

    You will not be charged for attempting to make a charitable donation at an ATM.

ATMs offering the charitable donation service

If an ATM is participating in this service you will see an option to make a charitable donation on the menu screen of the ATM.

Although you may be offered the option to make a charitable donation when using a participating ATM, if you request this using a Nationwide card that is not supported the transaction will be declined by Nationwide with a message saying ‘Sorry, your card issuer does not yet support this service’.

Gift Aid

Currently there is no Gift Aid option available for donations made via ATMs. The LINK Scheme is working with the Government and HM Treasury to find a solution.

If you have any questions about charitable giving at ATMs please contact us.

Other ways to make a charitable donation

There are a number of ways to make a charitable donation from your Nationwide current account: